Startup Fights

Startup Fights

1 April 2016, in Odessa was held startups battle. The organizer of this event was the Business Incubator iQSpace, one of the general sponsors and partners was the company Lab Consulting. 10 young and ambitious entrepreneurs presented their projects experienced twenty representatives of venture investment market 38th Scale “Battle of startups”. The aim of the event is to promote budding entrepreneurs to assess the availability and attractiveness of their investment projects, as well as obtaining the first angel investment.

Members Battle Startups presented projects of different sectors of the economy, fought among themselves for the title of the best, the attention of investors and prizes from partners. Presentation of a startup lasted 8 minutes, three of which are allotted directly to the presentation and five – to questions of experts and guests.

Voting results:

Leader in the number of votes received from the experts became «Cardiolyce» project.

First place – Cardiolyse – 4,5 (GPA);

Second place – Mealviser – 3,4 and MYCO – 3,4;

Third place – QUIRE – 3,3;

Fourth place – – 3,2 and – 3,2;

Fifth place – Luciding – 3;

Sixth place – – 2,9;

Seventh place – MyLittleTask -2;

Eighth place – SIMO – 1,7.

Thanks to all participants who took part in the Battle of startups, we hope that this event will help you to find an investor, and to hear the opinions of experts, which will undoubtedly help the development of your projects, will make them more qualitative.

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