Career in LAB Consulting

Career in LAB Consulting is a chance for experts and beginners alike to move to a new level of professional and personal development.

LAB Consulting offers the following to the most talented applicants:

Interesting work and friendly environment:

Working in our Company, you will enjoy an open and friendly environment and work with talented and conscientious employees. A wide range of services we offer to our clients, and new long-term and short-term projects at hand at all times mean there are always interesting and versatile tasks to deal with, which improves one’s professional skills and provides for development in various directions, both professional and creative.

Competitive benefits package:

We accept every employee as an individuality having his/her own opinion and outlook, and that is why we offer employee-specific compensation packages and special social welfare programs, possibility for flexible working hours and remote working, personal and professional development programs. We are certain that such an approach enables to create comfortable conditions for work and personal life of our employees.

Continuous development:

Your career development in LAB Consulting depends on your ability to learn, to acquire new knowledge and skills, to show initiative and to build long-term partner relationships with clients. We arrange corporate and external training, create conditions for sharing knowledge and experience. Our employees are an intellectual potential of our company, and that is why we support and encourage their continuous development in every possible way.

Our perfect employee:

We seek purpose-driven and talented people striving for development and solution of interesting and crucial business problems.

We are all different, but we all have one thing in common – ambition to be the best in what we do!

Our Company’s mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

That’s what drives us and that’s what we expect from new employees: ambition to become high-class experts in their field of knowledge, willingness to study and learn, to improve their professional level.

Readiness to take responsibility:

Responsibility is one of the most important concepts in business. We value those who confirm their ability and willingness to achieve goals, to motivate and inspire other people and to take responsibility for results.

Teamwork skills:

Our company is like a well-oiled machine. We achieve more working as a team. Efficient teamwork is based on trust, mutual support and cooperation on the way to our goal. That is why we take only open people ready to assist their co-workers.


If you want to work at LAB Consulting, and we don’t have a suitable vacancy for you at the moment, you can send your SV to Write “Applicant Pool” in the subject line and a job title you are interested in.